SAP Cloud Solutions

December 18, 2013,SAP cloud forum was held in Guangzhou, consultants from SAP showed how to obtain a clearer insight to make fact-based decision-making, develop customers, maximize profits valuable time from manual processes to the more valuable strategic development plans and customers and potential customers up IT investment is reduced to a minimum and the system management to enhance the value to the maximum, helping accompanied Organizations for Excellence.

SAP Senior Pre-Sales Consultant strategically explained how to select and apply cloud computing and how SAP Business ByDesign help growing businesses to benefit from the cloud. Marketing Director Mr. Huang Delin from Union Strength tell the story of their SAP cloud computing road! Mr. Huang Delin said compared with the traditional way ,he preferred cloud computing, because SAP to help them efficiently and economically IT outsourcing and support and also effectively prevent internal data leak problem, on-demand configuration, real-time traffic information control! SAP Senior Pre-Sales Consultant Jane used iPad demo showed cloud-based customer relationship management, and compared to the traditional solutions, SAP cloud is based on social media, easier to use, can be mobile applications, sales and marketing staff will prepare the weapon!