Corcloud Receives SAP® APJ Regional Partner Excellence Award 2013 as “Top Partner - SAP Regional Partner Excellence Awards 2013”

Corcloud today announced it is the recipient of a SAP Regional Partner Excellence Award 2013 in the category “Top Partner – SAP Regional Partner Excellence Awards 2013.” Awards were presented by SAP (NYSE: SAP) during the SAP® Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) Kick-Off Meeting (FKOM) 2013, held Jan. 14-16 in Singapore, to the top-performing SAP channel partners and SAP services partners in the APJ region for outstanding contributions that impact overall SAP sales and pipeline-generation goals.

Selected from SAP’s wide-ranging Asia Pacific Japan partner base, nominations for the SAP Regional Partner Excellence Awards were based on internal SAP sales data. A steering committee composed of regional and global SAP representatives determined winning partners in each category according to numerous criteria such as sales achievement and performance. Winners will receive strong recognition from the SAP field for their accomplishments.

Corcloud received the award during the SAP APJ FKOM 2013, an annual gathering of SAP executives, SAP field employees and partners. FKOM is SAP’s largest yearly sales meeting, intended to drive success during the upcoming year. Colleagues across the region gather to gain and exchange updated information on SAP’s strategy, sales methodology, best practices, business growth opportunities and product innovations. This year’s APJ FKOM hosted 3,200 attendees from the region.

“A thriving partner ecosystem is central to SAP’s success, and partners like Corcloud are key drivers for our customers’ success and for SAP’s market reach,” said Bronwyn Hastings, senior vice president, Ecosystem & Channels, SAP APJ. “As a recipient of a SAP Regional Partner Excellence Award 2013, we recognize Corcloud ’s commitment and efforts in developing and growing its partnership with SAP, which has led to game-changing co-innovation and market expansion.”