Supply chain, logistics and production

Learn how to adjust processes and standards to deliver perfect orders, optimize the supply chain and management costs:

  • Value path
    SAP Business ByDesign can help you to operate cost-efficiently supply chain, and increase the transparency and visibility of the entire supply chain network:
    Learn how to use the solution for managing supply network
    View the best practices of supply chain
    View the logistics best practice
    View market best practices

  • Supply chain
    Suitable for both "perfect order" need to meet customer demand, and the need to achieve the expectations of management's cost-effective supply chain manager.
    SAP Business ByDesign solution can support a variety of fulfillment strategy.
    other options, the solution support scalable execution flow (from lean to Advanced tip), to ensure the present and future are easy to adjust all processes.
    Only SAP software can be seamlessly integrated supply chain planning and execution and sales, supply development and supplies as well as financial.
    Demand Planning
    Supply planning
    Supply control
    Export logistics control
    Supply chain design master data
    Production planning master data

  • Logistics
    Suitable for those who worked in the fast-growing companies, the company flexibility apart from the competition Logistics Supervisor.
    SAP Business ByDesign solution is designed to help companies improve customer satisfaction and meet changing customer requirements.
    Unlike other offerings, SAP Business ByDesign minimize the inventory lag time and errors, as well as the request of warehousing logistics, outbound logistics collaboration processes and internal logistics.
    Only SAP software to provide fully integrated with production and financial logistics support.
    Import logistics
    Internal logistics
    Export logistics
    Physical inventory
    Export logistics control
    Main spaces logistics data

  • Production
    Suitable for those who are looking for ways to better meet customer needs, as well as management's expectations of cost-effective production manager.
    SAP Business ByDesign solution set of powerful features in one production management field level implementation.
    Unlike other products, SAP software provides a flexible model, not subject to any limitation of the BOM level of detail as well as the organizational structure.
    Only SAP software in order to adopt a flexible approach in the event-driven, task-based tools can improve employee productivity fully integrated in a complete on-demand configuration solutions.
    Production control
    Quality assurance master data