Consultancy services: best practices and project cost savings

Improve the implementation of the strategy to build your business processes


Corcloud is the first partners of SAP Business ByDesign in China, consist of senior business management experts, software technology elite, IT project implementation expert from well-known international software enterprise and all have SAP Business ByDesign certification advisory capacity.

Our standard method is the successful implementation of each customer based consultant for many years of experience and our solutions. Communication with your project management team, our experts can ensure that your solution can be fully exploited in any link. We support a variety of different consultants’ mode, based on the size of your company, project scope, and industry responsibilities, and achieve global distribution of radiation from the local.

Each step, there is the assistance of experts

Use a structured program, and make customized standard processes, we created a detailed plan to ensure the most effective implementation of your company on our solutions. Corcloud consultancy services including:

  • Low-input, fast, standardized consultant program

    Our expert team release standardized solutions after the introduction of long-term experience and planning, whether your business is local or international, by using our standard program, you can ensure that the program across the company implemented to reduce implementation time, reduce your cost of ownership.

  • Customers supporting flexible integration solutions

    Due to the company's needs vary, we offer three basic implementation of the program (module): parallel, continuous and competitive for your business flexible optimization. This will ensure adequate implementation of the range of time and budget management, found that the value of the investments in the forward-looking to help your business.

  • ROI5 embodiments

    Our ROI5 ROI5 embodiment is specifically designed to handle the complex environment of multi-site implementation. Optimization and reduction of the most complex global enterprise implementation cycle, it marks the highest level of international business management program, to ensure that the upper hand in the promotion of globalization.

  • Project management

    Project management is established on the basis of sustainable development, so that you get the most comprehensive experience of SAP products.

The following figure is applied to the SAP Business ByDesign embedded project implementation tools and methodology for implementation of the system on-line service instance: