Training and Education


Combine classroom instruction, interactive hands-on training and online courses, Corcloud will provide a customized training program so you can abreast of the best software technology and at the same time optimize the management of your business operations. Our local training programs will have a global team to give full support to ensure that we can provide local and international training programs. Our training programs cover the whole cyrcle of your entire implementation and help you maximize and enhance the return on investment.

Our training include the following choices

  • On-site consultant training:

    branches of Corcloud can directly appoint consultants to make on-site training. Please contact us for more information about our on-site consultant training.

  • Localized training programs:

    in some parts of the cloud Kai branch localized training courses will be held regularly. For more information about local training programs, please contact your local branch.

  • Standardized on-site classroom training:

    We will provide some standard training courses to help you to improve the understanding of the SAP solutions and SAP support.

  • Tailored training programs:

    We know that not every company is in the same way our solutions work. Therefore, we also provide training courses tailored to your needs and working methods. According to your own business processes, Corcloud is tailored manufacturing training, designed to fully meet your requirements. It provides the expertise to make your company more significant value-added investment.